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Bill John Baker

Honest Leadership
Focused on Our Future

Building a Better Cherokee Nation

Chief Bill John Baker is focused on the right priorities to build a better future for the Cherokee Nation – cracking down on corruption throughout the Nation, putting more Cherokees to work than ever before, and investing money into our hospital and clinics.

Chief Baker Delivers

For the People

Chief baker is establishing a new culture of accountability and transparency in Tribal Government. By selling the costly corporate jet and eliminating “ghost employees” who were being paid but not showing up for work, Chief Baker saved the Nation $4 million. That money has now been invested in projects we care about most – health care, education, and job creation. Chief Baker believes in the honor and integrity of our history and heritage – and will continue to move the Cherokee Nation forward.

Vision for a
Better Future

Chief Baker is providing the honest leadership needed to build a better future for the Cherokee Nation. Our Nation is investing in the future of our children through schools and scholarships and ensuring seniors can live comfortably so they can pass down their knowledge of our culture, history and heritage to the next generation.

Solving Problems,
Not Playing Politics

Our Nation now employs more Cherokees than at any time in our history. We’ve raised the Nation’s minimum wage, and are building new homes for the first time in a decade. Chief Baker established a domestic violence program for women and an Elders in Need Program to assist elderly Cherokees with stipends to help pay utility bills.

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